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    When little black girls, especially little black dark skin girls, enter this world it is very clear, the rules are made very aware, who is beautiful, and valued, and who is not. Simply because we are black, simply because we are not white, we are deemed inferior, unintelligent, and ugly. 

    You would rather paint your white women brown, then dare allow a black woman exist and be deemed as beautiful. It is not our place to be called beautiful unless there is a catch, unless there is an asterisk. “You’re pretty!*” 

    *for a black girl 

    You will spend money tanning, but call black women monkeys and ‘dirty’, our hair styles are ghetto, till your magazine has a step by step tutorial on how to achieve the same look, so it’s not ghetto, it’s just ghetto on us. It ‘works’ on you. 

    We are taught certain rules when we are young, ‘You look so much prettier with straight hair!’ ‘Oh, thank god she light skin,’ ‘Don’t stay out in the sun you’ll look burnt,’ ‘Yeah but that hair isn’t professional-‘ 

    We are taught to hide, to assimilate, to be close to whiteness because whiteness is acceptable and we are not. We get these rules as children. So to grow up, learning and adapting to these rules, and then seeing white people praised for stealing our culture, our dress,

    if a photo of us dressed like that appeared on the news, people would say any injustice we faced, was deserved, ‘look at them, dressed like that.’

    But you can wear it, freely, without judgement, without risk. No one would say you deserved to die. No one would give your killer half of a million dollars, as basically a congratulations, a pat on the back, for murdering you. 

    Just our natural being is a threat to you, we are born villains to you. We possess this great threat, but at the same time, you look down on us, expect us to be stupid, low class, dirty… we are not on your level, you still see us as your servants in your culture, but pretend to be the gods in ours. 

    It’s confusing. It’s confusing to be a black woman, to be made a joke, and all the punch lines, our hair, skin tone, lips, body… you try to imitate, but it’s not that, it isn’t, it’s our very existence that’s a joke to you. And if you are white, and reading this, and offended, 

    Fuck you. 

    Fuck you, fuck your whole ancestry line, and fuck your future generations. 

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    this!! As a dark skinned black woman I had to learn to love the melanin and African features I was blessed with. Its been a journey. For all the beautiful black babies we love you, YOU ARE STUNNING!!

    Honestly the self loathing that young black people are taught sickens my heart and I am so deeply sorry. Nobody should have to feel that.

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  3. Shoutout to the old me. You did me well, g.

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    The fact that people retweet this disgusts me. Seriously. What have darkskins done to deserve this? Why do we have to be associated with loud, violent, ugly and disgusting?smfh and people say racism has disappeared

    more proof tht the world aint here for dark skin girls


    these new niggas disgust me

    This is beyond foul son

    shit is wildly ridiculous

    Fucking sad.

    not a single one of these niggas look like they get any pussy though lmaoo

    this is so sad

    I’m Not Dark Skinned & This Shit Pissed Me Tf Off. I’m Fucking Offended. All Colors Are Beautiful ! I’m So Upset I’m Crying. Society Is FUCKED UP.

    Too much retarded people on twitter.

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    reblog spread the word


    This gotta stop

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    This Mike Brown Story is sickening. For those that don’t know, the cops shot an 17 year old kid because they suspected he stole candy from a store. They shot him 10 times, killing him, then leaving his body in the streets for hours. People from the community protest and rally against the cops and what do they do? Bring military weapons out and police K9’s. I’m sorry, but I was under the impression that police dogs were for sniffing drugs, no? This is crazy. This is what modern day genocide looks like. There is no article on it as of yet, why? Cause Amerikkka don’t care about brown boys and girls. The fact that one has to learn this from twitter says it all. Again, this is modern day genocide. White people are always the quickest ones to defend the cops because they’re not on the receiving end of this bullshit. Telling black people “don’t give the police a reason to fuck with yo black ass” is up there with telling women “don’t wear provocative clothes so you won’t get rapped.” The worst part about all of this is that A: this boy was schedule to start his freshman year of college this upcoming Monday and B: those cops are going to get away with it. John Crawford, Jordan Davis, Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, Andy Cruz, Michael Brown, Amadou Diallo, Darius Simmons, Johnathan Ferrell Trayvon Martin… when does it end? #MikeBrown #Ferguson #Missouri #PoliceBrutality #Cops #YoungBlackTeen #Genocide

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    Take our black asses out of here

    Won’t you take our black asses out of here

    Won’t you come save us Catcher and kill all these crackas

    (Lord) Take our black asses out of here (sing this muthafucka now)

    Won’t you take our black asses out of here (Massah colonel you a bitch nigga)

    Won’t you take our black asses out of here (gon’ burn yo shit down)

    Won’t you come save us catcher and kill all these crackas

    (fuck picking all this cotton we can kill you, kill your bitch, kill your kids, kill your- Oh, niggas?)

    Out of h-e-ere

    Quit hating and get freedom my nigga!

    songs of freedom

    lmfaoooo im making this my theme song

    .… lol

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    James Brown is directly or indirectly responsible for the creation of about 6 different genres of music but I’ve got to hear about the fucking Beatles everyday.


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